Huntsman Drops Out

Accepting the inevitable Jon Huntsman this morning bowed out of the Republican presidential race and endorsed Mitt Romney. Huntsman received more fawning press than any candidate with his polling numbers could rightfully expect, and had just received the endorsement of South Carolina’s largest newspaper, “The State”. This endorsement came in despite Huntsman polling behind Rick Perry, with no prospects for victory in South Carolina. (I think Hunstman was even behind candidate for President of the United States (South Carolina) Stephen Colbert.)

Huntsman should be seeking a refund from those who took money from him and devised one of the most inane campaign blueprints in the annals of modern campaigns. He had no message, no organization, no money, and a strategy that placed all his campaign eggs into winning New Hampshire, where Mitt Romney has been seen as dominant for over a year. Even if he had done better in New Hampshire how was that going to translate into making him viable in South Carolina, where he had invested nothing? He won 10% of Republicans in the New Hampshire primary, and that was because whatever messaging he had put forward was so unacceptable to the Republican base that his prospects in a place like South Carolina would have to be dismissed, even absent polling data. Political malpractice at its worst. Sorry about the barbs, but I called this one right from the start.

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  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    He goes quietly into the night.



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