The New Hampshire Predictions

My New Hampshire predictions:

1) Mitt Romney. Easy choice for first, but will he meet the expectations game? A win with less than 30% will be panned.

2) Jon Huntsman. Ok, I said he would get his ass kicked here, but I have reassessed. Huntsman in a very tight battle with Ron Paul for this spot.

3) Ron Paul. Stayin alive to help Mitt Romney another day.

4) Rick Santorum. Iowa doesn’t quite give him the bounce he had hoped for. After South Carolina he will be heading for the showers.

5) Newt Gingrich. The plummet continues. Ahh what might have been. But with $3.5 million ready to unleash on Mitt Romney in South Carolina Newt is not done just yet.

6) Rick Perry. Perry may finish below Buddy Roemer, which may prompt him to reassess. Then he will jog.

6a) Buddy Roemer. Let Buddy debate. If you let Rick Perry debate………

That is all!

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1 Response to The New Hampshire Predictions

  1. Bill Manzi says:

    Some last minute vote counting put Santorum slightly ahead of Gingrich, so I flipped the second and third place finishers. After months of railing against the media for propping up Huntsman I myself gave in and predicted a better finish for him. He is toast, and will be carted off the field of battle after South Carolina.


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