Mayor or Manager?

Had an interesting conversation with Ted Panos and the morning crew over at WCAP 980 am this morning on the relative merits of a town manager vs a mayor. The WCAP discussion was spurred by a letter to the editor, in the Lowell Sun, from John Macdonald, who ran for Lowell City Council in the past cycle. Macdonald advocates for Lowell looking at a charter change that would create a strong Mayor form of government to replace the current “Form E” style (strong Manager, ceremonial Mayor). Last Saturday Kendall Wallace wrote a Saturday column talking about the possibility of selecting the ceremonial Mayor in a different way. He did not advocate changing the Plan E form, but rather looking at the possibility of direct election of the “ceremonial” mayor. Of course Wallace points to the obvious disappointment of the losing candidate for Mayor, and the divisions that such a Council election tends to create among the members. Wallace makes some strong points which Macdonald jumped on in his letter to go for the bigger change. What do you think? Manager or Mayor?

Great conversation with Teddy on this, as well as some comments on the Methuen School Building project, the recall in Lawrence, and some punishment meted out to liquor establishments in Haverhill. Looking forward to next weeks conversation already. Tune in next Friday at 8:10 am to WCAP, 980 on your am dial, where everyone gets it! WCAP January 6, 2012 Bill Manzi by Bill Manzi

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