Tom Coburn on Washington Dysfunction

Tom Coburn popped up yesterday in Morning Joe, and I have to post his clip. Coburn is a Republican deficit hawk who actually walks the walk. In this clip he talks about the need for fundamental change in Washington, highlighting his inability to even get an amendment up on the floor in the U.S. Senate. Coburn correctly identifies the reason: Senators want to avoid as many votes as they can, especially on anything that has a whiff of controversy. Coburn’s specific complaint, about the amount of money that is being charged per student on military bases, was most certainly entitled to be heard and debated on the floor as an amendment. If what Coburn is saying has any accuracy then the entire Senate should hang their heads in shame, including Harry Reid. Coburn’s larger point, that change may come only through a wholesale purging of existing personnel from both parties, unfortunately may be true. The more I see of Coburn the more I have to sing his praises, even though I do disagree on many policy issues. There is that disturbing habit he has that is so endearing: he tells the truth.

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