Back Into Republican Fun

I take a couple of days off from this blog and come back to find the Republican Presidential field in disarray! Can someone please explain what the hell the Herman Cain ad is all about? This is now the leading Republican presidential candidate according to national polling? I realize that President Obama has some deep re-elect problems, but the Republican field may just be his ticket to ride. Of course the Cain parodies are now taking off, with Jon Huntsman’s daughters doing their own video mocking the Cain effort. Herman Cain has bumped into some real problems with the scrutiny of his 9-9-9- plan, but the fact that the Cain operation is a mirage simply does not seem to be registering (yet) with Republican voters. Maybe after they stop choking from the smoke being blown in their face they may change course. But for now light em up.

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1 Response to Back Into Republican Fun

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I am sure you are looking forward to 4 more years of OBAMA.



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