Coburn on Telling the Truth

Senator Tom Coburn has taken his share of lumps, from both left and right, including an ongoing dust-up with Grover Norquist. But when you listen to Coburn about the problems facing the U.S., and the lack of leadership emanating from Washington don’t you just have to say that he is telling the truth. Coburn, as a member of the Bowles-Simpson deficit panel, voted in favor of the final report, even though it included some revenue. Why did he do that? Because Coburn is actually concerned about the deficit. Now I understand that folks don’t agree with Coburn on a wide range of issues. But when it comes to deficit reduction Coburn is absolutely speaking the truth. When it comes to his assertions that politicians in Washington are treating their constituents like children he is telling the truth. When he claims that Washington pols feel that winning the next election is more important than doing the right thing for the country he is telling the truth. It is no wonder that Coburn is so unpopular with his colleagues.

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5 Responses to Coburn on Telling the Truth

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Since you feel the Democrats are so inept and corrupt, maybe it’s time to evoke my “Vote for the other guy” solution. (It would include Republicans as well).

    Here’s how it works. The voter votes only for non-incumbents. You can vote your party, but not for the incumbent.

    Here’s the kicker: Do the same thing during the next election.

    It would also take on a term limit aspect. No one can make a living at politics.

    Let’s end the career politician.

    What do you think.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    Not sure how you get the idea from this post that I am saying Democrats are inept and corrupt. Coburn is a Republican who votes for Simpson-Bowles, unlike House Republicans who still don’t want to face up to real numbers. (Including Paul Ryan)I always admit that on deficit reduction mainstream Democratic budgetary philosophy has the numbers wrong as well. But the Democrats did not run on deficit reduction, the Republicans did.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    You Honor,

    You said,” But, when you listen to Coburn about the problems facing the U.S., and the lack of leadership emanating from Washington don’t you just have to say that he is telling the truth. Coburn “. Aren’t the democrats part of that. Since you pummel the Republicans I thought it would be fair to do the same to the democrats. You know “fair and balanced”.

    Consequently a pox the entire congress and President Obama.

    Therefore my solution to bring order to our mess

    Let’s face it, our system has collapsed, overburdened with corruption and ineptness.



  4. Bill Manzi says:


    On the deficit issue I freely admit that the standard Democratic line is fairly well indefensible. I always like to point out that they have taken the position that short term spending should not be cut, so I hold them to a lighter standard on deficits. Pretty hard to give Republicans the same pass. They campaigned on it, and still have not proposed a balanced budget.



  5. Jules Gordon says:

    Oh, your Honor,

    I understand how the mention of a balanced budget would strike fear in any and all democrats. Harder to pander for votes.

    But, as I said, a balanced budget is technically a bad idea. But with our broken political system, we can’t live with the free for all financial system we have.

    Where did Obama get 1 /2 billion dollars to throw down the green toilet.

    Now more billions to send work to Finland, just to line the pockets of his super rich blunders.

    Boy, you wouldn’t think we did not have a deficit.



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