Massachusetts in the National Spotlight

The Massachusetts Senate race is drawing some real scrutiny from the national media, something that is likely to intensify in the coming months. Much commentary about clothing, or the lack thereof, and about campaign tactics and money. I guess we will get to the real problems afflicting the country, like the terrible jobs situation, after we dispose of the vital issue of clothing that has the unemployed deeply on edge.

For those hoping that the candidates will run out of money so that the great clothing debate may come to a halt the newest finance figures cannot be a good omen. Elizabeth Warren raised a very impressive $3 million dollars in the latest reporting period, while Scott Brown raised over $1 million. Elizabeth Warren will be very well financed, and this report shows you why both Setti Warren and Bob Massie decided to call it a day. Alan Khazei may have a bit more staying power, but not much more. The Democratic race is over, and it will be quite a war in the final, with loads of out of state money from both sides allowing plenty of air power to be deployed. For those wondering about Elizabeth Warren’s staying power this financial report should put that issue to rest.

Frank Bruni over at the New York Times weighed in on the race today. Worth a look.

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