No Runs, No Hits, No Errors

I watched the livestream of the Democratic debate at the University of Massachusetts Lowell last night and I was very impressed. I was happy to see a couple of Methuen students on the panel, including my friend Eunice Delice, who interned in my office. I thought Chancellor Meehan did a very good job of moderating and keeping the flow of the debate going. Good job by the candidates, although I would have to say that no real new ground was broken. All eyes were on front-runner Elizabeth Warren, who I thought performed well. She showed that she has a sense of humor, and managed to stay on message. Some high marks all around for Marissa Defranco, who managed to show she is a candidate with strong views, and unafraid to express them.

I am sure we will see many additional forums in the months to come. This one allowed the front-runner to get out of the gate without having a glove laid on her, and to begin her introduction to the wider universe of Democratic voters. On that basis it is a win for Elizabeth Warren, and treading water for all others. Blogger Richard Howe, who covered the event live, posted a couple of outstanding pieces on the debate today. Take a look at his blog for a real good analysis, much more detailed than mine, of the event.

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  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Nice concise report. It really doesn’t matter what happens the result would be the same if anyone of these contenders defeats Scott Brown;

    More taxes, more spending, larger more intrusive government.



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