Perry Hits Back

Texas Governor Rick Perry launched an internet attack ad on his chief rival Mitt Romney yesterday, hitting Romney for saying a few kind words about the Obama Race to the Top educational agenda. Without getting into the weeds it is fair to say that the Race to the Top has some ideas that appeal to Republicans. Secretary Arne Duncan has appeared with Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Chris Christie, and other notable Republicans who are supportive of many elements of the Obama educational agenda. The items cited by Romney in the video are some of the reasons for Republican support. Apparently Rick Perry feels that supporting anything with Obama’s name in it should be a non-starter for any Republican candidate, on any issue. Maybe that is effective in a Republican primary, but I have my doubts on even that.

Perry gets a D for this effort on the Manzi political scorecard for effectiveness.

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1 Response to Perry Hits Back

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    These Republican snits you are having get a big

    Yaaaaaawn in the Gordon Yawn-o-meter.

    My god, your honor, we have a year to go. My eyes are glazing over.

    Obama’s governance is non existant. He’s campaigning while the country is suffering. The ship is adrift.



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