Criticism for Democrats

With all of the sniping over the “debt/deficit wars” I have pointed out what I see as the problems inherent in the positions of both parties, and I have been tough on the Republicans, whose numbers never seem to add up. But the Democrats have not covered themselves in glory either, and the NLRB action against Boeing is an example of regulatory overreach that finds the federal government taking action against a company that is creating American jobs, and exporting much of the finished product. The NLRB action is stupid and counter-productive, and quite honestly gives some credence to Republican charges of regulatory overreach costing jobs.

Boeing, with business booming, has decided to open a production facility in non-union South Carolina. They are expanding production, not retrenching jobs from their main facilities in union Washington state. The union has filed a complaint, and the NLRB has ruled against Boeing, mandating that the S.C. production be moved to Washington state. Joe Nocera has written a column on it in today’s New York Times, and he hit it right on the mark.

But the Democrats have blind spots, too. No, the Environmental Protection Agency shouldn’t be rolling back its rules, as the Republican presidential candidates seem to want. But a fair-minded person would have to acknowledge that the N.L.R.B.’s action is exactly the kind of overreach that should embarrass Democrats who claim to care about job creation. It’s paralyzing, is what it is.

With the sheer magnitude of American jobs being moved overseas we should be grateful that Boeing is staying in the United States. And yes they are moving jobs to a right to work state, and no doubt that making sure production continues in the eventuality of a union job action in Washington is on their minds, but the NLRB action is still stupid, counter-productive, and bad public policy for this country. Nocera has it right:

That is what is so jarring about this case — and not just for Boeing. Without any warning, the rules have changed. Uncertainty has replaced certainty. Other companies have to start wondering what other rules could soon change. It becomes a reason to hold back on hiring.

Despite the President indicating that the NLRB is an independent agency Democratic appointees are making these decisions. He needs to get this straightened out, and start worrying about jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Decisions like this give unneeded credibility to Republican charges on regulation. And Nocera is no conservative. The NLRB action should be vacated, and the Boeing investment in South Carolina should be allowed to move forward.

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3 Responses to Criticism for Democrats

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I had to read this entry three times to believe what I was reading.




  2. Bill Manzi says:


    I thought you might like it. But it is true, and a big demerit for the President on an important issue.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I wonder what you might find problematic with this story.



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