Fools on Parade

The Republican House, acting like the Gang that couldn’t shoot straight, has produced a partisan bill to raise the debt ceiling, only to see the CBO score it as not cutting what it originally said, seeing House Republicans abandon their own Speaker’s bill,and seeing Republican Senators urging a no vote. Boehner, in light of united Democratic opposition, has had to pull his bill, leaving the entire House Republican effort in tatters. Boehner is now dealing with the same level of intransigence from his own caucus that Democrats have been facing in trying to cobble together a deal with him. As has been obvious for some time it is the House Republican caucus that is pushing this country towards default.

On top of Boehner’s problems within his caucus he is facing a rebellion from powerful outside Republican interest groups. The Club for Growth, and other groups, has come out strongly against the Boehner bill. Boehner’s political decision, which was to get a bill out of the House strictly on a partisan basis, has blown up in his face. If the Democratic caucus delivers zero votes for the Boehner approach, which is what Boehner would be delivering for Pelosi if the roles were reversed, then his approach is on life support. He must then deal with Pelosi and Steny Hoyer to produce a bill that can actually get 100-150 Democratic votes, and get a bill over to the Senate. Either that, or we are back to McConnell. Even the Wall Street Journal is frustrated with the Republican caucus.

Best of Luck Mr. Speaker.

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