Methuen's Updated List of Candidates

The list of municipal candidates, refreshed from my last posting. Below each office/candidate listing will be the list of those certified by the City Clerk as having submitted sufficient signatures to gain ballot access. Information includes those certified, and those who have returned papers and are awaiting certification.

Al Dinuccio- Ken Willette- Steve Zanni-John Cronin
Certified: Al Dinuccio- Ken Willette- Steve Zanni
Papers Returned, Awaiting Certification: John Cronin

Councilor at Large (Elect Three)
Jennifer Kannan*- Michael Condon- Joyce Campagnone*- Dorothy Kalil
Certified: Michael Condon- Joyce Campagnone
Papers Returned, Awaiting Certification: Jennifer Kannan

West District Councilor (Elect Two)
James Hajjar* -Sean Fountain -Jeanne Pappalardo*
Certified: James Hajjar-Sean Fountain

East District Councilor (Elect Two)
Joseph Leone- Ron Marsan-Patricia Uliano*- Tom Ciulla
Certified: Patricia Uliano-Ron Marsan

Central District Councilor (Elect Two)
David Lavalee- Fadi Chahine- Lisa Yarid Ferry- Jamie Atkinson-Joseph Lambert
Certified: James Atkinson
Papers Returned, Awaiting Certification: Lisa Yarid Ferry

Methuen School Committee (Elect Six)
Robert Vogler*- Barbara Grondine*- Lynn Hajjar Kumm- Mary Jean Fawcett- Jeri-An Batal- Lorie Aliano- Paul Downing- Evan Chaisson*- Eunice Delice- Deborah Quinn- Mark Graziano
Certified: Robert Vogler*- Barbara Grondine*-Evan Chaisson*-Lynn Hajjar Kumm

Vocational School Committee (Elect Two)
Thomas Grondine*- Kenneth Henrick-DJ Deeb
Certified: Thomas Grondine*
Papers Returned, Awaiting Certification: Kenneth Henrick

Methuen Housing Authority (Elect Two)
Robert Sheehan*- Joseph Leone- Kathleen Mulligan*
Cerified: None
Papers Returned, Awaiting Certification: Robert Sheehan

Nevins Library Trustees (Elect Two)
Arthur Nicholson*- Josephine Napolitano*
Certified: Josephine Napolitano
Papers Returned, Awaiting Certification: Arthur Nicholson

* denotes incumbent
Italics indicate additions to the list from the last posting

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1 Response to Methuen's Updated List of Candidates

  1. David says:

    Interesting field. It looks like Willette and Zanni are the frontrunners in the mayoral race. Campagnone, Condon, and Kannan are the likely leaders of the at-large race. Atkinson is probably a favorite in the Central District, but I don’t know much about the other four candidates there. Leone and Uliano will do well in the East District. It looks like the West District race will be a landslide for Hajjar and Pappalardo (who is Sean Fountain?). The School Committee race is anyone’s guess.


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