Methuen Municipal Candidates List Updated

The list of municipal candidates, refreshed from my last posting.


Al Dinuccio- Ken Willette- Steve Zanni

Councilor at Large (Elect Three)

Jennifer Kannan*- Michael Condon- Joyce Campagnone*- Dorothy Kalil

West District Councilor (Elect Two)

James Hajjar* -Sean Fountain -Jeanne Pappalardo*

East District Councilor (Elect Two)

Joseph Leone- Ron Marsan-Patricia Uliano*- Tom Ciulla

Central District Councilor (Elect Two)

David Lavalee- Fadi Chahine- Lisa Yarid Ferry- Jamie Atkinson

Methuen School Committee (Elect Six)

Robert Vogler*- Barbara Grondine*- Lynn Hajjar Kumm- Mary Jean Fawcett- Jeri-An Batal- Lorie Aliano- Paul Downing- Evan Chaisson*- Eunice Delice- Deborah Quinn- Mark Graziano

Vocational School Committee (Elect Two)

Thomas Grondine*- Kenneth Henrick

Methuen Housing Authority (Elect Two)

Robert Sheehan*- Joseph Leone- Kathleen Mulligan*

Nevins Library Trustees (Elect Two)

Arthur Nicholson*- Josephine Napolitano*

* denotes incumbent
Italics indicate additions to the list from the last posting

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