Massachusetts Mayors Endorse Setti Warren

Eight Massachusetts Mayors have endorsed the candidacy of Newton Mayor Setti Warren for United States Senate. Mayor Warren is an outstanding candidate who understands the issues facing localities in Massachusetts. His resume and background, in my view, make him ideally suited for the job of Senator. Visit his website at Below is his press release on the endorsements.

Massachusetts Mayors Stand with Setti Warren

Newton, MA – Today, eight prominent mayors from around of the Commonwealth endorsed Setti Warren for U.S. Senate because they believe Mayor Warren best understands the challenges faced by their cities and towns and can best represent the interests of Massachusetts’ communities in the U.S. Senate. The mayors who have joined Setti’s campaign are:

Mayor Robert Dolan, Melrose

Mayor Mary Clare Higgins, Northampton

Mayor Thatcher Kezer, Amesbury

Mayor William Manzi, Methuen

Mayor Joe O’Brien, Worcester

Mayor James Ruberto, Pittsfield

Mayor Michael Tautznik, Easthampton

Mayor Lisa Wong, Fitchburg

Mayor Warren has dedicated his life to public service and has worked at all levels of government. He understands how effective and efficient government can positively impact our communities. In Newton, Mayor Warren saved the taxpayers eight million dollars over two tough budget cycles, while improving critical city services and making government more accountable to the residents. Setti is running for the U.S. Senate to bring the same type of leadership and common sense solutions to Washington.

“I am especially honored to receive the endorsement of so many of my colleagues and pledge that, if elected, I would be the strong federal partner they need,” said Mayor Warren. “Unfortunately, Scott Brown has not provided key leadership in the Senate. He has even voted against funding for police, firefighter, and teacher jobs in Massachusetts. As a U.S. Senator, I would work hard to bring critical investment dollars – in infrastructure, job creation, and education – to Massachusetts communities.”

Here is what some of the mayors endorsing Mayor Warren had to say about him and his candidacy:

“I know Mayor Warren well, and his record of results in Newton speaks for itself,” said Joe O’Brien, Mayor of Worcester. “As Chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Committee on Community Development and Housing, he has been a strong advocate for greater partnership between local and federal government and would be the type of dynamic leader that Massachusetts communities need in the United States Senate.”

Thatcher Kezer, Mayor of Amesbury, said: “As a mayor and former military leader, Setti Warren understands the needs of everyday citizens of Massachusetts and demonstrates the necessary skills to put into action the changes we need from the federal government to better serve the residents of the Commonwealth.”

“Mayor Warren recently visited Pittsfield, and I know that he is committed to the economic development needs of Western Massachusetts,” said James Ruberto, Mayor of Pittsfield. “As a Mayor, he has a unique understanding of the type of infrastructure investments we need to support local communities in Massachusetts.”

“I’m enthusiastic about Setti’s campaign, because he understands what we’re going through as mayors,” said Michael Tautznik, Mayor of Easthampton. “He would be a terrific Senator for the people of Massachusetts.”

“Setti is a strong new leader for Massachusetts,” said Mary Clare Higgins, Mayor of Northampton. “In Newton, he has delivered results for residents, and I am sure he can bring the same type of dynamic problem solving to the U.S. Senate.”

“Mayor Warren understands what Massachusetts communities need right now,” said Lisa Wong, Mayor of Fitchburg. “I am confident that in the U.S. Senate he would be focused on economic development and job creation for our state.”

“Setti recently visited Methuen, and I am excited about his candidacy,” said William Manzi, Mayor of Methuen. “He is the type of strong and straight forward leader that Massachusetts needs in the United States Senate.”

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1 Response to Massachusetts Mayors Endorse Setti Warren

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    How can you say he would make an excellent senator. He’s a Democrat. They, including the entire Democrat Mass Delegation have spent and taxed us into oblivion. Hmm.



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