Mitt Romney In the Race

Mitt Romney formally declared his intention to run for President, launching his campaign with a full throttle attack on President Obama in New Hampshire. Romney branded Obama a failure, and touted his own ability to provide a better economic future for the nation. Romney continued to paint the picture with the broadest possible strokes, opting for optimism and Republican orthodoxy on small government and free markets as opposed to anything remotely specific. He has steadfastly managed, up to this point, to avoid getting tangled up in the problems that have befallen other Republican contenders, concentrating on raising money and building a nationwide organization. His time has been well spent, and he has to be considered the Republican front-runner based on his clear advantages in those areas. The Democrats seem to think so, as they released a video attacking Romney as he comes out of the gate. Interesting comparison of Romney’s speech to Ronald Reagan’s 1980 announcement speech by Chris Cillizza over at the Washington Post. Of course Mitt was greeted on the right by Sarah Palin, who emphasized Tea Party opposition to health care mandates, no matter at what level of government, and pointedly reminded Governor Romney that he will have a ” big challenge” to win Tea Party votes. Of course Sarah took pains to say that she was not attempting to “step on” the Romney announcement. Of course she wasn’t. Now that he is formally in Romney will eventually have to offer up some policy detail eventually. That is when some of that shine may begin to fade.

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2 Responses to Mitt Romney In the Race

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    You Are Right Your Honor, and Obama’s handlers better tell the President he is holding the economy graph up side down.



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Well, Your Honor, Mitt Romney has taken on the roll of our first RINO candidate for the 2012 election season.

    After fooling me into believing he had learned his lesson and returning to the “Conservative” fold, he went on to assign global warming, in part, to human activity, which to me is a code for more taxes. You know Cap and Tax.

    Mitt Romney is now dead as a candidate. How dumb can a person be?



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