Methuen High School Science Fair Awards

Methuen High School just completed its 26th annual Science Fair. Congratulations to Mr. Harb and the Science Department for having such a succesful event. The students who participated came to our last School Committee meeting to talk about the Fair and their experiments. This years winners of First Place in the Fair, Kristen Teichert and Lauren Wojtowicz, will represent Methuen High School at the Massachusetts Science Fair at MIT. The top five finishers at the Fair were:

1) Kristian Teichert and Lauren Wojtowicz- “The effects of color on the efficiencies of dye-sensitized Solar Cells”

2) Calle Bateson- “The effects of green cleaners on Canadian Nightcrawlers”

3) Parsha Khambhati and Jake Hulme- “Electrolytes in sports drinks”

4) Katisha Bellegarde and Bansari Patel- “Fighters of foul bacteria”

5) Christopher Grassi and Ryan Barry- “The effects of alcohol on the behavior of Spiders”

Thanks to Mr. Harb and all the students who participated. The sciences are a critical part of our educational offerings. When the new Methuen High School opens in three years we will have 17 modern science labs.

Science Fair

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