T-Paw Steps In It

The Republican response to President Obama’s re-election announcement has been somewhat predictable (maybe another post on that later) but Tim Pawlenty made a little news with the release of another slick video that manages to say just about nothing. He did include New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in the video, which drew a strong rebuke from Krugman.

Wow. So Tim Pawlenty is using something I said on yesterday’s This Week in a new ad.

So, to clarify: nobody in Washington is doing anything about job creation. However, Republicans are working quite hard on job destruction.

And Pawlenty — who knows so little about the whole subject that he fell for a well-known zombie claim (killed by facts, but still shambling along) about soaring government employment — is hardly qualified to lecture anyone else on the issue.

Pawlenty is considered by some to be one of the Republican’s serious candidates. This ad has to make you think about that claim.

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