All Praise Romney

Who said civility in politics is dead??? We have heard both Governor Deval Patrick and now President Barack Obama go out of their way to highlight and praise the work Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts on health care reform. President Obama issued the praise when speaking to the nation’s governors in Washington, and I thought I saw the small outlines of a smile as he issued the praise. I have no doubt that Mitt Romney is now basking in the glow of the praise from the Governor and President. I am wondering if that praise has already been put into the 30 second attack ads being prepared by Mitt’s Republican opponents. I certainly hope that is not the case, as we would not want to discourage further bipartisan praise of Governor Romney on health care.

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1 Response to All Praise Romney

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    I can hear the sound of ironic humor as you describe the back handed compliment to Mitt Romney offered by our leaders.

    You are right it will bight him later, just as he deserves.

    Have you noted the price of gasoline as it pitches skywards like ICBM? Those are going to bite later also, but it won’t be Mitt who will take the honors.

    See you at the pump.



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