Rahm Rolls in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel rolled to victory in Chicago yesterday, crushing all opposition by outworking, outsmarting and outraising his opposition. For me it was a foregone conclusion when he announced because he is a campaign demon, willing to work like a dog to achieve victory. His ability to raise money and attract media coverage had no peer in this race. Now comes the hard part, with Chicago facing monumental financial problems. Rahm will not, in my opinion, govern as many expect. He will prove to be more unconventional than many currently believe. And he will be at work around the clock, driving his agenda relentlessly. David Axelrod showed up at his victory party, extolling the virtues of Chicago’s nine and a half fingered Mayor. Read the Politico story here.


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1 Response to Rahm Rolls in Chicago

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    “Rahm rolls in…”! It won’t be long and he’ll be in a Rolls Royce PHANTOM! Chi-Pols know how to live! 🙂


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