Kasey Walko Wins February SOAR Award

Congratulations to Kasey Walko, who was one of the SOAR Award winners at the February School Committee meeting.

Statement of Recommendation and Recognition:

When I arrive at school each morning, before 7 am., Kasey Walko is already waiting at the art room door, excited about spending half an hour before school creating art. Her love of art and excitement about ideas is contagious. She inspires me as a teacher and prompts her classmates to be more creative. Kasey is a dedicated, determined, and creative young woman. She is a student who makes teaching a joy. In addition to completing all of her work on time, she spends many extra hours after school pushing herself to be an even better artist. Although the senior class of 2011 has many good art students, Kasey was the immediate and unanimous choice for the SOAR award. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and willingness to help out, make her stand out from her classmates.
Kasey has been a top student in every art class she has taken. Her writing, enthusiasm and critical thinking skills make her the top student in Honors Art History class, and her technical skill, willingness to experiment and discover new ideas and materials make her an excellent student in Advanced Placement Studio Art. Her junior year, Kasey was the top student in the honors portfolio class, even though most of her classmates were seniors.
Kasey loves to spread her excitement for art. She is always willing to discuss art and ideas with staff and fellow students. She also co-founded the Art Club, to provide a creative outlet for a large group of students after school. She has taught art club members about art styles and techniques. Kasey also arranged for demonstrations by various art teachers, when she felt that she could not teach a particular subject as well as she would like. She also serves as an intern for ceramics.
Kasey Walko wins February SOAR Award

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