Governor Patrick Sacks the Parole Board

Governor Deval Patrick, taking a strong stand in support of accountability, yesterday accepted the resignation of the five parole board members who voted to parole Dominic Cinelli. He also took action to fire other staff members responsible for oversight, and will bring in a new Executive Director.

While some have expressed surprise at these actions I am not at all surprised. The Governor took a measured response, seeking to act on the facts after an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the parole board action. That investigation has found serious breaches in the hearing process and the follow up supervision of Cinelli. The Governor, now armed with the facts, has taken the appropriate course of action. He should be commended, and his comment that the public had lost confidence in the parole system is right on the mark. The Governor’s strong and decisive action to uncover facts and take remedial action is what government should be about, and will go a long way towards restoring that confidence.

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1 Response to Governor Patrick Sacks the Parole Board

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. The new interim director does worry me as in his first interview says the department must use some “common sense”. I think more transparency and guide lines need to be employed. Trying to second guess a career criminal who is being reviewed for release back into society is beyond the governor’s chauffeur.

    Another thing, Patrick has missed the slings and arrows as to why his 58 million dollar investment in Evergreen Solar went to china.

    We have discussed this before-Politicians can’t pick winner and losers. What could you have done for Methuen with that money? Besides, according to a Herald article New York is by-passing us in green investment.



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