John Kerry at the Center for American Progress

John Kerry, giving a speech at the Center for American Progress, which was written about today by Ezra Klein at the Washington Post. A long talk, but some interesting and valid points. Our competitive situation, especially vis-a-vis China, is an important part of the talk. The Chinese invest while we argue. I know that republican partisans love to hate John Kerry, and make fun of his patrician pedigree. But why not look at the substance here, and if you disagree say why. Do we need additional infrastructure investment? Are there things we need to do before we make additional investments in needed areas? I think Kerry raises some important points, and our national debate going forward needs to address some of these issues.

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3 Responses to John Kerry at the Center for American Progress

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Nice hit, your honor, insulting me as a Partisan Republican. I do not like him on several levels, but why not leave your unwanted partisanly insulting sentence out and see what happens?

    Maybe I would have just tuned in and gave his presentation a fair listen.

    I guess we are back in Krugman’s America and YOU started it.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    When I want to insult you I will do so directly. I had just seen some blog postings insulting Senator Kerry about the speech that did not deal at all with the substance. I get the wind surfing jokes but on this I was trying to steer us towards arguing about the substance rather than the style. No offense was directed at you in this thread (yet).



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    I have no idea what the blogger said. But, they are out there and are as idiotic as the all the rest, left right and in between.

    The lunacy has to stop. When I hear right wing people dealing in cruel jokes I cringe. It makes my job trying to keep you honest harder.

    It’s getting mean and nasty out there, your honor.

    Even you are getting edgy.



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