Pragmatism Vs Purity

Lawrence O’Donnell engaged in a debate with Glenn Greenwald that has been going on in the Democratic Party for some time, on Morning Joe. O’Donnell, a committed lefty, argues that without Blue Dogs it will be hard, if not impossible, for Democrats to achieve majority status. Greenwald argues for pushing policies that would be a substantially harder sell in districts that have a conservative bent, arguing that more “progressive” legislation would produce better electoral results for Democrats. I have to say that from where I am sitting O’Donnell made the better case. The numbers are what O’Donnell says they are, and are difficult to refute, although Greenwald makes a decent run at it. I guess that if we put up more progressive candidates in the next cycle in districts that Blue Dogs lost Greenwald thinks we stand a better chance of picking up seats. I beg to differ. Republicans are not the only ones fighting amongst themselves.

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1 Response to Pragmatism Vs Purity

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    The current political leadership of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts and the US..without apology and with determination are bent on purging from their midst any registered Democrat and any elected who does not adhere 100% to the “progressive agenda”…they are pulling the Democratic Party further to the left as much as those who are pulling the Republican party to the right…the truth is that governance occurs in the middle and moderates are the ones who actually get things done..they abhore the triagulation theory in favor of the strangulation theory….tough times ahead


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