Methuen Election Results and a Few Observations

I have attached a pdf with all of the Methuen election results from yesterday. I will try to do some individual posts later today. Some quick notes though.

1) Congrats to David Paleologos and Suffolk, who called the Governor’s race pretty much spot on.

2) Could the big night for Republicans been even bigger on the Senate side? The Dems are lucky to have escaped with Nevada and Delaware. They did so as gifts from the Republicans.

3) Deval Patrick ran a flawless campaign, and Charlie Baker ran a flawed campaign.

4) The President better start better connecting with voters, or what is left of the Democrats in Washington will be wiped out in 2012. Cannot count on Republican gifts coming forever.

5) Speaker in waiting John Boehner will have as much trouble with his caucus as he will with the Democratic Caucus.

6) Expect a raft of subpoena’s to be served on the Obama Administration from the Republican majority in the House.

7) Congrats to Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, who won every precinct in Methuen on her way to re-election.


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10 Responses to Methuen Election Results and a Few Observations

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    Congrats to all the Socialist Democrates! Especially to John “I didn’t know what my wife was involved in” Tierney!
    In Massachusetts the BORG have won. “Resistance is futile.”


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    You are trying to knock the Republicans even in the face of an overwhelming anti Democratic tsunami.

    For my money, I’m glad your friends, the scalawags, got booted.

    Looking over your fine summary I find interesting that several of the Republicans did well in Methuen, a fact you ignored.

    Charlie Baker Beat Deval hands down.

    Jon Golnik shows he has a good future.

    James McKenna did better than I thought he would since he was a write in candidate.

    Polito beat Grossman.

    Steve Cole, who quit, garnished a lot of votes. Baddour has to be aware. Don’t tell anybody, but I voted for Baddour. I pray for forgiveness.

    Campbell did well.

    Mary Connaughton beat that monster Bump.

    Your Honor, when Scott Brown won Kennedy’s seat, 60% or more Methuenites voted or him. Where did they come from.

    65 Dems dumped….Hurray.



  3. Tina Conway says:

    I had the pleasure of hearing Dave Paleologos speak at a clerk’s conference last month. He is a wonderful speaker and brilliant, and will be helping the cities and towns in our state prepare for the re-precincting that is called for in the law after the 2010 census.

    I would like to comment on the comments left here, and I realize that my comments can be thought of as naive, but I’ve always had a pretty good sense of knowing what the ordinary, normal person out there is thinking. I believe it is hard to try to be a reasonable person in this day and age, because D’s look at any R victory as bad, R’s look at any D victory as bad. As long as we look at the D or R after a person’s name rather than the person themselves, we are not always going to get the best person for the job. I hope we learn that lesson before it’s too late, because we are fast becoming NOT the greatest nation in the world with our inability to put the fringe, petty differences aside and work on all the stuff in the middle, for the good of our country.

    And here in Massachusetts, good R’s have sat by the sideline for a long time because they never have thought they had a chance to win. On Election Night we kept hearing from the candidates who did run about how they were proud they gave people a choice. Well, if giving people a choice is that important (and I agree that it is), then shame on them for only putting their names on ballots when there was blood in the water. That’s kind of hypocritical to me, and as self-serving as they say the D’s are. Not that I believe D’s are any less divisive or partisan, by the way.

    Just the two cents of someone who watches this stuff from deep within the process.


  4. Bob LeBlanc says:

    I agree with Tina…fair weather participants degrade democracy. 100% engagement is what really makes things tick!

    What would be nice for a change is if those elected would stop politicking and start governing.

    Ms Campbell’s re-election proves that you Mayor Manzi were able to put together a campaign of deception for her that worked. It would do you both well to remember that you can only fool the people some of the time and your time is up!


  5. Bill Manzi says:


    The typical refrain of those who lose elections. “The public didn’t know any better, or the public was fooled”. Rep. Campbell won a smashing victory, and appeared to pick up quite a bit of steam when you announced your opposition to her candidacy. I would have to say that your invaluable announcement added five points to the rather large Campbell margin of victory. Thanks for all your help!

    All the Best,



  6. Bill Manzi says:


    Enjoy your victory dance my friend. It was a good night for House Republicans, and the Republican Party in general (except right here in Mass). You have managed to sack the Speaker. How did you say the new Republican majority was going to vote on raising the debt limit in January?



  7. Summer Lindstrom says:

    Bob you really ned to get past your dislike for Linda Campbell. It only spurs on the ret of the world to vote for her anyway. In addition your observation that Mayor Manzi was very instrumental in helping her get re-elected is exactly right. We have a very hard working, very popular Mayor whose opinion is valued…. very much so based on Linda Campbells tally of votes. Mayor Manzi essentially beat Al Dinuccio AGAIN!


  8. Bob LeBlanc says:

    Mr Mayor,

    Are you becoming delusional? You really should take your doctor’s advice.

    All the best to you.



  9. Bill Manzi says:


    You may be correct. In fact your late de-endorsement of Linda Campbell may have added ten points to her total. Delusional folks think you being against her (after you were for her) only added five points to her total. My mistake.

    All the Best,



  10. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Jobs comes first.



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