Governor Patrick at the Tribune Ed Board

Governor Deval Patrick visited the Eagle Tribune editorial board, where he talked about the potential impacts of a reduction of the sales tax, immigration, jobs, the property tax, the fiscal condition of Lawrence, and so much more.

Read the Tribune story on the Ed Board visit here.

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1 Response to Governor Patrick at the Tribune Ed Board

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    If this guy wins we will get;

    Taxed by rate increase and subsidized Wind Turbine project.

    Taxed by passing graduated income tax.

    Taxed by taxing–It’s generic for Democrats. It’s a promise he made.

    He will sell out our kids by turning over to the Federal Government their education. The tax-loss of skills for our kids.

    He will continue the spend side of tax and spend.

    I wonder what the Methuen budget will look like next year?



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