What a Mess (or) Bullwinkle Moose for Governor

The sniping between the Tim Cahill and Charlie Baker camps escalated even beyond the ridiculous levels reached with the Cahill lawsuit, with former Cahill running mate Paul Loscocco now saying that he actually left the ticket because Cahill admitted to him that his campaign was coordinating attacks against Baker with Patrick strategist Doug Rubin and the Democratic Governors Association. Loscocco offered no proof of his assertions, and in light of the fact that Loscocco mentioned nothing of this in his prior assertions about leaving, one might be tempted to question his credibility. Loscocco, in a story in todays Globe, said that one of the reasons he left the campaign of Cahill was that he was ‘kept out of the inner circle”.

Loscocco, criticized as a turncoat for switching allegiance less than a month before the election, sought vindication yesterday in a statement titled, “Loscocco Sets the Record Straight.’’ In it, he described the “personally difficult decision’’ he made to leave Cahill’s side, which he also attributed to his being kept out of the campaign’s inner circle for much of the year.

So the Cahill folks keep Loscocco out of the loop for a whole year, and then suddenly Cahill reveals to him the most sensitive and damaging information about his campaign???? Sorry, you can’t be out of the loop and in the loop at the same time. Loscocco is radioactive waste, and Baker needs to distance himself from this sordid mess if he can. Governor Patrick, despite Loscocco’s attempt to draw him into the fight, remains well above the fray, campaigning hard while the other two implode.

As far as the Loscocco defection goes Baker must feel like Bullwinkle J. Moose, who thought he was pulling a rabbit out of his hat but got a little bit more than he bargained for.

Read the Globe story here.

Read the Tribune story editorial slamming Cahill here.

Read Michael Grahams assault on Cahill in today’s Herald here.

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