Governors Race

No new polls in the Massachusetts Governor’s race, but there are more ads. The campaign has been relatively quiet, with Baker trying to make hay out of Patrick stating a “preference” for a graduated income tax in Massachusetts. From the State House News Service:

“I’d like to know who Governor Patrick plans to raise taxes on next,” Baker said in a statement. “He’s already begun his next campaign to raise taxes in Massachusetts and the voters should know who’s going to be hit with his next tax hike.”

The Patrick campaign backpedaled on the issue, saying that while the Governor may favor a graduated tax system he had no plans to file the necessary legislation in support of such a system.

Goldstein said Patrick had no plans to file legislation in the next four years to create a progressive income tax system, if re-elected.

“Once again the Baker campaign has sunk to distortion and demagoguery to distract voters from Baker’s record of Big Dig debt and skyrocketing health care premiums,” Goldstein said.

And the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts, having endorsed Governor Patrick, are objecting to the appearance of some firefighters in the new Baker ad. From the Herald:

“The campaign never contacted us, nor did we at any point sign release forms or grant permission to the campaign for the use of this footage that clearly gives the impression of an endorsement,” said PFFM president Robert B. McCarthy.

The Baker campaign dismissed the issue, and fired a volley back at the unions.

“We are well aware of the unions that are lining up behind Gov. (Deval) Patrick to try and protect the status quo,” said Baker spokeswoman Amy Goodrich. “I’m sure it comes as a surprise to the union leadership that many of their members do not agree with them.”

I said relatively quiet.

Read the Herald story here.

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1 Response to Governors Race

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    When A Democrat makes a promise to increase tax burdens you can take that to the bank.

    If Deval says that in an election season you can bet he means it.



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