The Connecticut Senate Race

One of the more interesting Senate races in the country is going on in Connecticut, where Republican Linda McMahon is locked in a close struggle with State Attorney General Dick Blumenthal. Blumenthal started this race as a prohibitive favorite, and has been backsliding ever since. Blumenthal has been plagued by having (on multiple occasions) misrepresented his military record. McMahon, the owner of the WWE, is carpet bombing Blumenthal on the issue, releasing a new ad that directly calls him on the his distortion. In the last debate Blumenthal was forced to apologize to the voters when confronted on the issue by McMahon. McMahon’s campaign is also making hay out of Blumenthal’s response to a question, during that same debate, on how to create a job. His answer was an embarrassment. It is posted below.

Blumenthal’s large lead has now evaporated, and in a very blue state Linda McMahon has pulled within five points in the most recent Rasmussen survey. Blumenthal leads that race, with leaners included, by a 50% to 45% margin. Quinnipiac has it even closer, with McMahon pulling within 3 points. This should have been an easy victory for the Democrats. Instead the nominee doesn’t know that jobs are created by the private sector, and has repeatedly lied about his military service. McMahon has been an exceedingly disciplined candidate, staying on message and on target. Yes she has the advantage of wealth, but we have seen some pretty terrible wealthy candidates. She has a chance, and she can thank Dick Blumenthal for opening what should have been a closed door.

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