Cahill Press Conference

Tim Cahill, responding to the defection of his running mate to Charlie Baker, yesterday held a press conference to announce he is staying in the race. Cahill put on a brave face, and painted the defection as an “insider deal” engineered by the Republican Party. Cahill said he is staying in the race to give Massachusetts voters a choice, and to represent middle class voters. The Herald wrote an editorial calling on Cahill to get out in some pretty tough terms.

Too bad Cahill’s own ego won’t let him see that this is over, that his faux populist campaign failed to fool anyone.

He could still end this all with a little dignity and pride – and he should.

Ouch. Howie Carr was not very kind either.

Which is all the Cahill candidacy always has been – a careless trifle. An ego trip by a legend in his own mind. Tim, I beseech you, call Deval, ask your boss to let you drop out. You’ve held up your end of the deal as long as you could. It’s getting really embarrassing.

Not a good couple of days for Tim Cahill. And it has gotten as good as its going to get for him in this race.

Read the Herald editorial here.

The Howie Carr column here.

The Herald political analysis of the impacts.

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