Cahill's Road to Nowhere

Tim Cahill, mired deeply in third place in all polls, has suffered a public relations embarrassment with the announcement by John Weaver that he is leaving the Cahill campaign. Weaver, best known nationally for his close association with John McCain, not only said he was leaving, but that Cahill’s continued presence in the race was only helping Deval Patrick. He said what has been obvious from the polling data. Cahill cannot win this race. From the Herald:

“It’s clear to me the choice is between Charlie Baker and Gov. (Deval) Patrick,” Weaver told the Herald last night. “I don’t want to be a party by helping Tim to in effect, help reelect one of the most liberal governors in the country, and that’s Gov. Patrick.”

He added: “I think the world of Tim. I think he’d be a great governor. But it’s clear the voters are deciding between two people.”

Weaver has left, and has only helped to stoke the public perception of a failed candidacy. The Baker camp of course warmly welcomed the Weaver defection.

Baker spokeswoman Amy Goodrich said: “John Weaver is a very talented and smart guy. This is a big loss (for Cahill). But we’re proud to have his support.”

And of course Haley Barbour’s group, the Republican Governor’s Association, weighed in as well.

“We took Tim Cahill’s campaign a lot more serious when we saw the team that he had put together,” said RGA spokesman Chris Schrimpf. “Now it’s clear that he has lost any credibility that he’s running a serious campaign.”

Ouch! Weaver leaving the campaign would not normally be a big deal. Consultants are changed frequently in this business. But at this time, under these circumstances, it has to be considered a body blow to the Cahill campaign. Have not seen any response from the Patrick campaign, but a statement urging Cahill to soldier on is probably right around the corner. 🙂

Read the Herald story here.

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