Niki Tsongas Takes to TV

Niki Tsongas has her first TV ad up, and it did not take her long after the Republican nominee was chosen to get the campaign going in earnest. Jon Golnik won the Republican nomination Tuesday, and Niki is up on the air Thursday. Politically Golnik will be out-gunned financially, but will be looking to ride an anti-incumbent tide. But Tsongas will not be taking it easy. The contrasts were being drawn Wednesday. From the Tribune:

“The choice could not be clearer,” said Tsongas. “If you want someone who will stick up for Wall Street, who would privatize Social Security, who puts tax breaks for the wealthiest of Americans ahead of starting to bring down the deficit, and who hasn’t even been committed enough until just last year to the civic fabric of our communities to vote, then I am certainly not your candidate.”

When the Golnik assault comes I think it will be in the areas you would expect:health care, stimulus, and the deficit. The race in the Fifth will be a microcosm of the national battle, and will be spirited. Looking forward to the debate.

Read the Tribune story here.

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