Campaigning, With a Touch of Comedy

The ad wars continue in the Governor’s race in Massachusetts, with the candidates injecting some humor and adding new websites to tweak each other. The Dems have put up a website called Charlie Baker’s World to highlight inconsistencies in his positions, while Baker took the opportunity to mark the four year anniversary of Tim Cahill endorsing Deval Patrick for Governor yesterday by sending gift baskets to the Governor and Treasurer. Fun stuff. And of course Baker put up the requisite website to “congratulate” Deval and Tim for their “marriage” of four years. Baker continues to take the time to pound Cahill, which tells us all we need to know about the Baker camps perceptions of the Cahill candidacy. And their highlighting the ‘kindness” of Governor Patrick to the Treasurer during the debate should show that the impact of candidate Cahill is the one thing Patrick and Baker agree on.

Read the Herald story on the continuing three way tussle here.

The GOP website tweaking Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill is here.

The Democratic Party website tweaking Charlie Baker is here.

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