The President Takes on…. John Boehner?

The President ratcheted up his rhetorical assault on Republicans in Ohio yesterday, rejecting the potential for compromise on the Bush tax cuts, and calling for new infrastructure spending and some business tax breaks. The President laid down a political marker by refusing to consider extension of the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000, calling out Republicans for blocking tax relief for those below $250,000. He also called for some additional infrastructure spending, and will include a policy proposal for an “infrastructure bank” to help select and fund projects. Todays Globe editorial strongly supported the President on this. The President kicked around John Boehner pretty good, responding to a Boehner speech a few days ago. Interesting discussion on Morning Joe centered around the wisdom of using Boehner as the foil, because outside his District nobody quite knows who John Boehner is. I was somewhat perplexed by that myself. But in any case the President is digging in, preparing for political battle that will likely mean no legislation of merit, including his recent proposals, will move before the mid-terms. The coming Republican tide will bring a new political equation in Washington, and likely a big staff shakeout at the White House. Can the President hold on by showing that Republicans care more about the top 1 percent, or is too little, too late?

Read the Washington Post story here.

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5 Responses to The President Takes on…. John Boehner?

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    The president is running around trying everything to compensate for his incompitence.

    He changing horses, moving right the left,drifting to the middle and coming out with policy de jur. Hard to know whom you voted for, isn’t it your honor.

    November will be telling.



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    You Honor,

    I am not as assured as you seem to be about a voting Holocaust on Democrats in November.

    There may be one among the white house staff, though.

    Did you say something about a John Boehner? Who is he?

    See you at the primaries.



  3. Bill Manzi says:


    Of course anything can change, but as of today the Dems are perilously close to losing the House. I think they can hold the Senate, but they are going to take a hit there as well. At this point they might be better off losing control of the House.



  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Very wise. So now your friends can continue to blame Bush.

    GOP long term strategy; Clean out Obama stuff.



  5. Bill Manzi says:


    If Republicans take control of the House they will have to do more than say no. And they have no realistic chance of repealing anything while Obama is President.



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