Reid Pours on Hits

Majority Leader Harry Reid, looking at some pretty terrible poll numbers, is hitting tea party favorite Sharron Angle with a multi million dollar barrage of negative ads using her own words. Reid’s strategy boils down to “you may hate me but Sharron Angle is nutty” and it is having a big impact. Angle has been on defense since winning the Republican nomination. I know it is a Nevada race but I am just fascinated with Sharron Angle. In this ad Reid hits Angle over her opposition to the federal government riding to the rescue of police, fire and teachers.

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1 Response to Reid Pours on Hits

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Be still my beating heart. She wants to get rid of the Department of “Educations”, a dream of mine for years.

    I assume you can justify Harry Reids’s taking care of his Union masters (for votes) while his constituents remain jobless. Nevada = 14% + unemployment.



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