Latest Rasmussen Governor Poll

Governor Deval Patrick continues to cling to the lead in the latest Rasmussen Poll, but Charlie Baker is within striking distance. The Rassmussen Survey had Governor Patrick leading with 38% of the vote, to Charlie Baker’s 32%, with Tim Cahill third at 17%. The results seem to be in line with the prior Rasmussen survey, with the Governor holding on to a lead that he has never relinquished.

The critical (in my opinion) “independent” voter appears to be swinging towards Charlie Baker, with 42% of those voters favoring Baker, 24% for Patrick, and 16% for Cahill. It appears that Baker has widened that lead, which is critical for him. It also calls into question how Cahill thinks he can win this fight when he is not only running dead last, but also dead last amongst independents, the supposed lifeblood of his candidacy.

Each poll result, especially in the summer, comes with the caveat that “there is a long way to go”, which there is. Deval Patrick holds the lead despite an ongoing negative ad bombardment by the Republican Governor’s Association. And the Governor is yet to be up on the air, and Charlie Baker has yet to face the negative ad onslaught you know is coming. So that is a good thing for the Governor. But Charlie Baker has growth potential, and the Governor’s relatively weak position with independents has to be a source of comfort for Baker. Yes, there is a long way to go.

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