Methuen To Begin Single Stream Recycling

Manzi Says This New Effort Will Simplify Recycling & Save Money

Mayor William M. Manzi, III announced today that Methuen will begin Single Stream Recycling on July 12th. This means that residents will no longer have to sort paper, plastic and cans. They can all be placed in the same container and left on the curb for pick-up. Manzi says that this new citywide program will save money and encourage more people to recycle by simplifying the process.

“Citizens have been asking us to do this for years,” Manzi said. “Now that the recycling company is equipped to handle Single Stream, we are ready to move full speed ahead with this program.” Methuen residents can continue to use the same blue recycling bins that they already use. They are also free to use a regular trash container as long as the container is marked with a blue “Single Stream” sticker. The stickers are available at City Hall, the Town Yard and the Transfer Station. Recycling is for paper, bottles and cans. Regular trash will still need to be separated.

A detailed mailing will be sent to all residents this week. Information is available on city website or by calling 978-983-8545.

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