The Governor's Debate

The three way debate in the Governor’s race, with Tim Cahill and Charlie Baker joining Governor Patrick in the studio. Opinion on the winner? The Governor seemed to me to parry the assaults, and Charlie Baker was put on the defensive over Big Dig financing. Cahill and Baker went at each other pretty well, which seems to be sending Howie Carr over the edge. The Globe’s take on it was that Cahill and Patrick had essentially double-teamed Baker and kept the focus off the Governor.

“The governor’s done a good job in tough circumstances,’’ Cahill, the state treasurer, said at one point. “Not as bad as Charlie says. It’s not as good as the governor says, either.’’

Yes those Doug Rubin conspiracy theorists will have a field day with that quote from the debate.

Debate Part Three

Debate Part 4

Debate Part 5

Debate Part 6

Debate Part 7

Debate Part 8

Debate Part 9

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