Obama Takes Heat From Left

President Obama, as the BP Oil spill crisis continues, is taking heat from both the left and the right, with James Carville demanding more attention and a tougher line from the White House. The political fallout continues, and the President has stepped up the federal (and his own) response. A difficult problem to solve, with lots of blame to go around, but Carville is making a solid point here. The President has apparently heard the critics. The politics? Read the Washington Post story giving differing views on that from some pretty smart players.


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1 Response to Obama Takes Heat From Left

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    The President doesn’t have a clue, nor an alternative plan. Not his fault. No one has an alternative plan.

    Political’s plan run around shouting “we are going to die”.

    BP’s idea of cutting the pipe clean and installing another blow out valve should have been done first.

    Now your friend Nancy Pelosi is blaming Bush. She needs a shrink.

    Can you say Katrina.



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