Cape Wind Scores Major Victory

The wind farm project known as “Cape Wind” scored a major victory yesterday, with Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar clearing the project for construction. Although project opponents have vowed to litigate it appears that the project will now move forward. It is a political victory for Governor Deval Patrick, who has taken an unambiguous stand in favor of the project. From the Globe:

The governor has been pushing for Cape Wind since 2006, and he was beaming yesterday as he stood with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, lauding what he sees as the project’s benefits: 1,000 new construction jobs and enough energy to power 75 percent of the Cape and Islands.

Hours later, the governor’s campaign blasted out a fund-raising e-mail asking his supporters to donate $50 to his reelection effort because his support for Cape Wind “offers another example of the clear choice that the people of Massachusetts face in November.’’

“In 2006, I stood as the only candidate for governor who supported this project,’’ Patrick wrote. “As governor, with the help of an effective team, I have delivered. By contrast, Charlie Baker and Tim Cahill have been silent on Cape Wind and on the jobs potential and environmental wisdom of the entire clean-tech sector.’’

The Governor has taken the correct political stand, in my opinion. His opponents have hedged and opposed on this subject for political gain, and the Governor deserves credit for fighting for renewable energy even at some political cost. Score one substantively and politically for Deval Patrick. I have included part one of the Wendy Williams visit to Methuen to discuss her book “Cape Wind”. You can find the other two clips at my youtube channel.

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  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I bet the project never comes off.



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