Mayor's St Patrick's Day Luncheon Tomorrow

The annual St Patrick’s Day luncheon will be held tomorrow, with a cast of thousands scheduled to appear. We will have a visit from the Republican candidate for Governor Charlie Baker, Sheriff Guy Glodis, former Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan, Rep. Barbara L’Italien, Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua, and Haverhill Mayor Jim Fiorentini, with emcee Senator Steve Baddour acting as the ringmaster. Naturally John Molori will appear with a song and barbs for everyone.
The event will be at the Claddagh Pub, 399 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, in Lawrence begining at 12:30. Hope to see you there.
I have attached my top ten list from my visit to the Lawrence luncheon last week. Mayor Lantigua is still upset!!!!!

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3 Responses to Mayor's St Patrick's Day Luncheon Tomorrow

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    I’m sorry to miss your invitation. My Facebook account was put on hold because it appeared that my account had been hacked. I am going back on again.



  2. Ben Nevis says:

    WHOA! That’s quite a list of Merri-Val’s LOONaries. A gathering of clods and clowns. I wish I could attend but my hazmat-suit hasn’t come back from the detox center. P.S. Please Mayor Manzi, avoid the cabbage it’ll only give you more gas. Now get out there and break wind…oops, I mean “break a leg”.:)


  3. Bill Manzi says:

    OK now Nevis. Everything there might be true, but the cabbage stuff is way over the line. Except if you are speaking of Senator Baddour.


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