Charlie Baker's Ten Points

Charlie Baker has put out a ten part program that picks up some of the low lying fruit that Beacon Hill has left for him, including getting rid of the Evacuation and Bunker Hill holidays. I am not sure which of the ten points could be rebutted with a straight face, but like real pension reform and true municipal health care reform there doesn’t seem to be an “appetite” for such action on Beacon Hill. Good political hit for Baker. The full proposal is below.

1. Eliminate Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill Day Holidays
2. Prohibit Bonuses for Non-performance
3. End Double Dipping
4. End Excessive Vacation Payouts
5. Ban the Hiring of Lobbyists
6. Pacheco Law Reform
7. Transparency and Reform of Quasi-Public Agencies
8. Licensing and Permitting Reform
9. Regulatory Reform
10. Ban Confidentiality Agreements


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1 Response to Charlie Baker's Ten Points

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Not a bad list. If enacted, they can help resolve some of your governance issues.

    Can he pass this through what is effectively a Democratic monopoly? See Mitt Romney History as Governor.



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