Scott Brown Gives the G.O.P. Response

Scott Brown gives the weekly G.O.P. response, attacking the President on health care. Is he ready for prime time? Same old Republican talking points on health care!

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4 Responses to Scott Brown Gives the G.O.P. Response

  1. Jim says:

    GASP! He’s NOT reading from a teleprompter….IS HE?! Oh, the horror!!!


  2. jgodsey says:

    did i miss something? don’t out of work people need more health care than people WITH jobs?


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor:

    I think you didn’t listen to his talk carefully enough.

    Senator Brown, (R) Massachusetts, (sweet sounds to my ear) said the President has taken his eye off the ball (restore the American economy with jobs).

    I would think you would have been more attentive if you had reviewed Methuen’s vote count at 64% for Senator Brown (R) Massachusetts. That 64% could only come from a large shift in Democratic and independent voters. Can you imagine that? Here in Methuen? I know I was stunned.

    So maybe Scott Brown, (R) Massachusetts,has a new set of “same old Republican taking points”.



  4. Gerard Donahue says:

    Mayor Manzi:

    Hi. I think he gave a great speech. The health care in Congress should be scrapped and start over and all abortion related items should be taken OUT.



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