Hit From the Left, Hit From the Right

The extreme difficulty of the political position of Governor Deval Patrick is readily apparent from reading the poll numbers, which have been consistently bad for some time. Today’s Boston Globe story on the Governor’s real problems with some public sector unions is reflective of the political problems he faces. The unions do not like the modest reforms enacted, especially those that erode collective bargaining rights. And the Governor faces additional pressure from Mayors and other elected officials to help us reduce costs by placing some elements of municipal health care outside of collective bargaining. And his refusal to be a party to that reform has cost him politically as well. So he appears to be getting the worst of both worlds, a loss of labor support and honestly nothing to show for it on the other side. Being in no mans land is not pretty in politics. And that is where the Governor appears to be. The Jon Keller blog posting brutally points out his real problems in the starkest of terms. The Governor presses on hoping that he can sneak through in a three person race. Tough sledding ahead for Deval Patrick.

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