Cahill Hires the McCain Team

The Tim Cahill for Governor campaign hired the core of the John McCain political team, including the very big name of John Weaver, announcing the additions yesterday. The Cahill campaign has the most cash on hand, but is still trailing in monthly receipts, falling behind both Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick in current fundraising. Interesting choices by Cahill. Will Weaver get him a cogent message? So far we have yet to see a real message articulated. The Cahill Press Release.

Quincy – This morning Tim Cahill and Paul Loscocco announced the addition of senior Republican strategists John Weaver and John Yob to their campaign. Also joining Cahill’s campaign are Mike Dennehy and Mark Salter. These four original advisors to Sen. John McCain join senior Democratic strategist Tad Devine already serving on the campaign.

“These guys are the best in the business,” Cahill said of his team, “They share my vision for fixing the Massachusetts economy by transcending partisan politics, creating good jobs, cutting taxes across the board and creating a smaller and more efficient state government.”

John Weaver is a veteran campaign consultant, former chief strategist to John McCain’s 2000 and 2008 presidential campaigns and is considered one of the top political tacticians in the nation. John Yob is the CEO of Strategic National Consulting, a political consulting firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan and formally served as the Deputy National Political Director on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Mike Dennehy served with Weaver as the architects of John McCain’s come from behind win in the 2000 New Hampshire Primary, is a native of Massachusetts and is the key national strategist with a track record of winning over independent voters. Mark Salter was McCain’s former 20-year Chief of Staff and currently serves as a senior advisor on McCain’s re-election campaign. He is known as Senator McCain’s alter ego and authored the Senator’s best-selling autobiographies.

“I am proud to work for Tim Cahill with Tad Devine and my fellow members of Team McCain,” Weaver said. “This race is between us and Governor Patrick. Charlie Baker is the consummate insider who was the first C.F.O. of the Big Dig – the greatest fiscal public works disaster in world history – and his running mate voted against tax cuts while serving in the state legislature. Their record on the issues and the mathematical breakdown of a three way race against a fiscal conservative like Tim Cahill literally makes them unelectable. As I last recalled, the original ‘tea party’ occurred here in Massachusetts. I find working men and women here are pretty opposed to self anointment and thus not likely to take to ‘King Charlie’ and ‘Prince Richard’ and their big spending ways. They are the tax and spend ticket. Governor Patrick represents complete and total mismanagement while Tim and Paul reflect the values of the working men and women of the Bay State.”

“Tim Cahill is the only fiscally responsible candidate in this race,” Yob said. “While the irresponsible tax and spend policies from people like Governor Patrick and Charlie Baker were bleeding Massachusetts dry, Tim Cahill showed an independent spirit and had the courage to stand up and say ‘enough is enough.”

“The people of Massachusetts deserve a governor who puts the people’s interest first,” said Salter. “I’m honored to join this team led by Tim Cahill, a strong fiscal conservative willing to stand up to the special interests in favor of the working men and women of this state.”

“John Weaver and I once stared at a 66-3 Bush lead over John McCain in New Hampshire,” said Mike Dennehy. “We prevailed because we worked for the candidate who put principles before politics and spoke honestly and plainly with working men and women. The same applies for Tim Cahill. I am proud to be a part of his team as we debate with the big government and reckless Baker ticket and the Governor, who has presided over the embarrassing decline of my home state. I am confident disaffected Republicans, Democrats and independents will flock to this campaign.”

John Weaver Bio

John Weaver is considered one of the nation’s leading legislative, political and communication strategists, and is a senior partner in the New York firm The Network Companies, LLC.
He served as the chief political advisor to Senator John McCain for 11 years before forming the firm in July, 2007.

John served as Senator McCain’s chief strategist in the 2000 campaign for the Republican nomination for president. His work on behalf of Senator McCain – especially upset landslides over George W. Bush in New Hampshire and Michigan – has been featured by every major news organization in the country. He also served as the outside strategist for many of Senator McCain’s signature legislative issues, including the Patients’ Bill of Rights, Campaign Finance Reform, The Treatment of Prisoners under the Geneva Convention, among others, and was the principal and daily point of contact with high level Bush Administration officials.

A native Texan, John has played a leading role in many major winning Republican and referendum campaigns across America, beginning with Phil Gramm’s election to the U.S. Senate in 1984. He served as deputy campaign manager and political director for Bill Clements’ successful gubernatorial comeback bid in Texas in 1986 and was executive director of the Republican Party of Texas from 1987 through the 1988 GOP primary. After Senator Lloyd Bentsen was selected to serve on the Democrat ticket in 1988, John was tapped to head then Vice President George Bush’s Texas campaign team for the successful general election victory. In 1992, he served as the lead consultant to President Bush’s successful Texas campaign. While in Texas, John worked directly with the late Senator John Tower, late Governor John B. Connally, Governor Clements and other key leaders. As a leader in the party he helped recruit and assist many of the GOP officials of today, including Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.

In 1989, John launched Campaign Services Group (CSG), a firm which specialized in aggressive political campaigns, campaign and convention management, and direct voter contact. While at CSG, John oversaw the efforts of several U.S. Senators, House members and for scores of party organizations. More than 20 percent of the Republicans in the United States Senate were clients. He sold CSG in 1999 in order to lead the McCain effort.

Immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11, John was asked by New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to oversee the city’s communication efforts, a task John performed as a volunteer from September 13, 2001, to November 15, 2001.

In addition to his role as senior strategist for Tim Cahill’s campaign for Governor of Massachusetts, John represents other corporate clients and Republican candidates across America.

He and his family reside in Water Mill, New York.

John Yob Bio

John Yob was the political director for John McCain 2008, and oversaw the political operation that engineered one of the greatest comebacks in American political history in securing the GOP nomination. Yob is currently the CEO of Strategic National Consulting, a political consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Mike Dennehy Bio

Mike Dennehy was the New England political director for John McCain and oversaw McCain’s Massachusetts GOP primary landslide over Bush. Dennehy and Weaver were the architects of McCain’s NH victory over the heavily favored Bush by branding McCain as the voice of Independent voters. Dennehy was a Senior Advisor to McCain and oversaw the 2008 NH primary victory. Dennehy has a strong New England track record and is a native of Massachusetts.

Mark Salter Bio

Mark Salter was John McCain’s speech writer for 20 years and co-author of his autobiographies and formally served as McCain’s Chief of Staff. Salter was a Senior Advisor to McCain’s Presidential campaign. Salter will assist the campaign with all aspects of communications.

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1 Response to Cahill Hires the McCain Team

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Is it possible that Scott Brown can join the team? He’s a McCain supporter.

    Politics does make for strange bed fellows.

    It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.



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