Scott Brown and JFK

Scott Brown has put out a 30 second ad which is quite clever, where JFK morphes into Brown delivering a message espousing tax cuts. Of course back when JFK cut taxes the top marginal rate was in the ninety percent neighborhood. And we did not have deficits that were quite as substantial, or that consumed as much of GDP as the current deficits. Still, a clever ad by Scott Brown. Probably won’t help much, but we will know that real soon.

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3 Responses to Scott Brown and JFK

  1. Matty K says:

    Okay, let me be the first to say it. Senator, you are NO Jack Kennedy!


  2. jules gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I am sorry to say that Scott Brown is unlikely to win the Senatorial race against Martha Coakley.I say this as a member of his campaign.

    While he is a superior person and politician than our A.G., the politics of Massachusetts has changed significantly since the days of JFK.

    Massachusetts has changed to a largely single party Tory population. If it is a Democrat they will vote for it.

    The change is as significant as the difference between JFK and his brother Ted.

    The ad is clever in pointing that out, but so what. I doubt if the A.G. Had to even show up for any of the campaign.

    I have already voted with an absentee ballot so maybe he has a temporary lead. I’m off to Israel for a couple of weeks. See you on the other side.



  3. jules gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Have you been watching Martha Coakley’s performance when she decides to emerge from that cave they kept Dick Chaney in. Pathetic.



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