Reid Hits Sixty

The first major test on the health care bill for Majority Leader Harry Reid occurred Saturday, and he managed to hold his caucus intact, pushing the bill forward with sixty votes. Despite Reid’s victory the bill faces major hurdles in the week ahead, with many of the centrist Democrats holding objections to differing aspects of the bill. Reid’s ability to hold the caucus together for adoption is still very much in question, with at least four members of his own caucus threatening to bolt over inclusion of a “public option” in the bill. Reid has his work cut out for him, but has managed to hold things together so far. Both Senators from Massachusetts voted to advance the bill. Read the Washington Post story on Reid’s continuing challenges here.

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1 Response to Reid Hits Sixty

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Both of our Senators voted to debate the bill. I’m shocked I tell you, I’m shocked.

    Harry Reid is very clever. “How much will it take to bring you our side? 100 million. Okay, let’s not quibble, here’s 300 million.

    Do you want to bet he still has many bucks to buy votes for cloture. “How much will it……”

    Is that in the Post story?


    Do you see enactment eventually?

    Abortion in or out?

    Publican heath plan in or out?

    Illegal Aliens (future voters) in or out?

    870 billion cost or 2.5 trillion PLUS (my entry)?



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