Pancake Breakfast This Morning

We will be serving a full pancake breakfast this morning at the Methuen Senior Center, with the cooking being done by Chief Ken Bourassa. Come on down for some tasty breakfast.

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6 Responses to Pancake Breakfast This Morning

  1. Al D says:

    Thanks very much Mayor. I’ve been running a skinny campaign. I’ll be by for breakfast and shmoozing.

    Hopefully you don’t mind my sharing the spotlight on your dime? 🙂


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    Not at all. We have a “special” room all set up for you, with some pancakes made especially for you.


  3. Summer Lindstrom says:

    Al, I was at the breakfast this morning, I didn’t see you there. Maybe you got confused and thought that this was the Saturday you were supposed to do the Debate with Mayor Manzi on the Paying Attention radio show where Mayor Manzi did show up. But…..that was last week when you just plain didn’t show up to debate him. Gee, I guess it was because you didn’t want to lose another one!


  4. Al D says:

    Summer, I don’t get confused. If I was there, and if you had listened (if I was there) I would have talked about consolidation …..and….um…what else did I say?


  5. Summer Lindstrom says:

    Al you didn’t say anything at the WCAP 980 radio Debate on October 24, because you did not show up! Again, it was probably because you knew it would have been the FOURTH debate that you would have lost. I listened to the live program you called in at the last minute and told Tommy Duggan you were not coming. Mayor Manzi has already had to point out to you that your big idea of self insurance is already in place in our City. Regarding consolidation Mayor Manzi already combined the personnel director’s position for both school and the city, folded together planning and community development for a new Economic Development Dept., eliminated the Deputy Chief position in the police dept. and on and on. It seems your a little behind in knowing just what has been going on in town. On the job training is not what this city needs. You just haven’t been paying attention!!


  6. Al D says:

    I think I had some other ideas …….um….ah….didn’t I?!


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