President Obama on Jobs and Health Care

The President’s Weekly Address, which deals with jobs and health care.

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3 Responses to President Obama on Jobs and Health Care

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    9 months with a stimulus package and things are still in decline.

    9 months building a monster called Healthcare which will eviscerate Medicare, tax his vaunted middle class, add 1 trillion dollars to the economy and slide us into socialism, all depending which of the 5 packages are out there.

    If the Republicans were doing this you would be blogging twice a day with complaints.

    Actually, I notice you have be blogging-quiet, avoiding mentioning his performances. Are you ashamed?


    He is a liar (in this case transparency).
    He is incompetent. 10% unemployment, shameful apologies, healthcare fiasco.
    He is a divider (“those other people” as he describes people like me).

    I wish he would shut up.



  2. Jules Gordon says:


    How are you? Ge wiz I missed your sharp commentary as you grasp at any straw to show your idiotic leader in the best light.

    The article you refer too is a snapshot. The trend is down. There will be plateaus or up ticks.

    When the folks see this healthcare pig that has yet to be cobbled together by a desperate
    liberal party, his graph will continue down.

    Anyway, it is good to hear from you. Have you heard from Fred?



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