Massachusetts House Passes Interim Senate Bill

The Massachusetts House yesterday voted to give Governor Patrick the right to name an interim U.S, Senator pending the special election to fill the seat held by Ted Kennedy. The vote was 95-58, and the bill will now move to the Senate, where it appears to have the support necessary for passage. It appears that Senate Republicans will be able to delay a final vote for a few days, but that vote should occur next week. Locally Rep. Linda Dean Campbell voted no, as did Rep. David Torrisi and Rep. Brian Dempsey. Reps Barbara L’Italien, Barry Finegold, and Michael Costello all voted in favor. Does this mean the return of Michael Dukakis for a short term Senate stay?

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1 Response to Massachusetts House Passes Interim Senate Bill

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I would like to know why Rep. Linda Dean Campbell and Rep. David Torrisi voted no. A sense of honor maybe.

    Heck, Al Franken is in why not Mike Dukakis? I wonder if he will brown bag it on the T to the airport.



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