Barney Frank Slugs it Out With Right

Barney Frank confronts some of the right wing protestors gathered at a Dartmouth forum he hosted on health care. Barney is willing to mix it up, and more Dems ought to be willing to mix it up as well. If you have a working knowledge of the subject matter slugging it out with folks claiming that the health care reforms have death panels should not be too hard.

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8 Responses to Barney Frank Slugs it Out With Right

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    He does mix it up. Took on O’Reily and Covuto. I tend to find him one of the more honest of the socialist Democrats because his constituency will re-elect him no matter. No future Republican here. Still there were several people who opposed the Health Care proposal. They did not change his mind.

    To take on Frank requires preparation, and be willing to reply in kind. Don’t use rumors or unprovable points to take him on. He will lie if cornered.

    The local pols need to grow his kind of fortitude to take on our State legislature to protect the Local constituents. See “Out of Touch and in a Fog” for further discussion.



  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Barney says what the rest of us think: there should be more like him willing to stand up and call stupid by its real name more often …

    “like arguing with a dining room table”. Priceless.



  3. Jules Gordon says:


    Now you know what it’s like arguing with you.

    What time is dinner.



  4. Steve Danehy says:

    I am not a resident of MA, but I have to thank Congressman Frank for his comments during his Town Hall Meeting yesterday. Its about time someone started to call a “dinning room table a dinning room table”!! No one out there should have a negative comment to say about Mr. Frank, especially since all those “tables” are free to call compare the President to the likes of Hilter. If you get right down to it, some of the comments from the public and political commentators are treasonous!! Do they want to go there???

    Anyway, thank you Mr. Frank, and don’t ever shut up!!!


  5. Jules Gordon says:

    Barney Frank has no worry about keeping his seat. His constiuencey will vote him back in office. In fact they probably enjoy the aggressiveness as much as you. I think he makes for good TV.

    He is not my cup of tea.



  6. Fred Mertz says:

    Comrade Gordon:

    If I’m a dining room table, then you’re still a stump.




  7. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    What proof do you have that there were no Democrats in the complaint crowd? There are plenty of all stripes.



  8. LDone says:

    The women who gave Barney Frank so much lip service might do better to keep her mouth shut in the future. Her expressionless comments and diatribe were hysterical and contrary and made one ask, “Where and when did she escape from her maximum closed unit?” How do people like this walk the streets of America?

    Representative Barney Frank made my day and, hopefully, made every health care reform advocate feel a lot better.


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